Wednesday, June 1, 2011

bercongkak di sungai??

YO! U OLLS.. ni fafa nk cerita..bukan pasal nk main congkak tp ni mandi manda di sungai congkak..meh baca info yer?
Sungai Congkak Recreational Forest
" Sungai Congkak is one of Selangor’s most favourite local haunts. All along the scenic river you can see stalls selling food and beverages, jungle produce and other knick-knacks for a typical picnic goer or camper."

Enterprising locals have set up wooden/bamboo huts by the gentle and long river for families or couples to seek shelter and have picnics in, charging RM5-7 per booth. Others set up parking grounds at RM2 to 3 per vehicle. 
Drive up to the end of the road to reach the Sungai Congkak Forest Reserve entrance, which is managed by Tourism Selangor Sdn. Bhd. For those interested in staying overnight, you have a choice of chalets (1-12 people), campsites (4-6 people) and canopies. 
The air is breezy and cool. On weekends when the place is packed with locals having a fun day out with friends and family, enticing smells of meat being barbequed fills the air. The chortles of happy children playing in the water and giggles of teenage girls posing for photos add to the merriment of the popular picnic spot.   On a tranquil weekday, there is a sense of quietness and repose amidst the sound of running waters and rustling leaves. 
The entrance fee is RM1 per person (12 years and above). 
fafa ke sg.congkak bersama aiman.kerr.pikor.zila.asrul.faez.jimi.
aktiviti adalah mandi2.BBQ yang sedikit huru hara dan sesi photo2 saje.santai..

sapa yg ada family bawalah g sg.congkak..syokkkk kot ;)

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